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“Walls of self-protection are also walls of self-imprisonment.” — Sadhguru

self imprisonment_suffering

The heart is powerful, it has the largest electromagnetic field than any organ and has an output 60 times stronger than the brain. The heart sends more signals to the brain than vice versa. Moreover, heart signals affect brain function.


Because the heart is so vital, we must care for it physically, emotionally and spiritually. The heart influences everything from emotional processing to cognitive functions such as: attention, perception, memory and problem solving.


Negative emotions disrupt signals from the heart to the brain inhibiting cognitive functions, causing trouble focusing, learning, remembering, reasoning and decision-making.


A blocked heart is quieted therefore enabling the brain to take over. Furthermore the brain does not feel, it lacks intuition and empathy. We obstruct our sensory organs for protection while the subconscious mind obstructs the heart with trapped emotions.


The heart-wall is helpful in specific situations and times, as it is a natural barrier against emotional pain. However, when prolonged, the potential heart-wall effects are: aggravated negative emotions, disconnection from others, unmotivation, lack of joy, feeling stuck in the comfort zone, creative blocks.


Heart-wall removal could enable you to:


  • feel lighter, happier, calm, confident 
  • feel better physically
  • create deeper connection
  • have more empathy
  • be more collaborative

Life is wonderful when experienced with an open heart!