If something has touched our lives, the greatest fulfilment is to share it with others.

About me


Namaskaram, my name is Marina Potanina. I have always been passionate about being helpful to people and animals. I have two wonderful and at times naughty rabbits.


After eleven years as a nurse, ten of which as a scrub nurse, I was hungry for other ways to help people therefore started my search for a new direction in life. I found my calling when I crossed paths with The Emotion Code®  and almost immediately my heart decided I had to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (CECP). Actually, it was thanks to my  bunny that I started learning The Emotion Code®. He was given a Heart-wall session and I noticed its effectiveness right away on the very same day. Animals can not have a placebo effect, and they never fake the result in order to please anyone. I was amazed how effective this form of energy healing is, and I decided to learn it.


The Emotion Code® has touched me profoundly, that is why it is my wish to share it with others. As Sadhguru says: “Work is worthwhile only if it touches lives,” and this is my most ardent aspiration.


I am also a Classical Hatha Yoga practitioner, which took me recently on an amazing trip to India that ignited all my senses.


I will be glad to be of service, your wellbeing  is my fulfilment.