If something has touched our lives, the greatest fulfilment is to share it with others.


“As any animal lover will tell you, animals have feelings, too. They may not be able to talk about themselves, but if you watch their behaviour and get to know them, you will soon be able to recognize their subtle changes of emotions. Even without words, animals express their emotions clearly. When emotionally upsetting events occur, animals can suffer from trapped emotions just as people can.” — Dr. Bradley Nelson



The Emotion Code® can help animals achieve a healthy and happy life as well. It works the same way as for people. It is known to be effective for: 


  •  any physical or emotional disorder
  •  any challenging behaviours
  •  relationships with people
  •  relationships with other animals

Please keep in mind that lots of behaviour issues are training related. The Emotion Code® is not a replacement for proper training, nor for proper veterinary care.


Animals tend to reflect the owner’s feelings and imbalances. So, at times, it can be that the owner is needing the session, rather than the animal itself 🙂


After the session also the animal may go through processing and could feel sleepy.

To help you understand the complexities of emotions also animals live, I would like to share with you my personal experience I had with Amrok the rooster:


Amrok was volunteering for me while I was in the process to become a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner. When Amrok died he was only six months old. He had Marek’s disease. After his death I was actually very close to quitting practising The Emotion Code®, it was extremely tough for me to accept that the Universe had its own plan for Amrok completely divergent from my own plan to help him live. It was extremely tough accepting that my capabilities are limited. Even though in one of the last sessions, Amrok made me understand that I did help him, I really don’t know how, since he died anyway.


Definitely Amrok has helped me! He helped me understand that I can only do my best in order to help someone, I can’t determine anybody’s life or death. He also helped me to discover the amazing animals’ world. They have such complex emotions that I could never have imagined.


Here are some of the Amrok’s trapped emotions:


  • Shock at the age of 3 weeks (when he stumbled and had been limping ever since)
  • Shock at the age of 2 months and 3 weeks (when he got stuck and could no longer free himself)
  • Panic at the age of 4 months and 3 weeks (when he could no longer walk)
  • Being unable to walk he felt: Frustration, Betrayal, Sorrow, Helplessness, Grief, Vulnerability, Panic, Indecisiveness, however he made me understand he wanted to live 
  • When he was taken to the vet and was left in the clinic alone he felt: Panic, Shock, Discouragement, Vulnerability, Sadness, Hatred, Longing, Heartache, Taken for granted, Helplessness (he clearly was scared)
  • Next day: Lack of control, Depression, Love unreceived, Worthless, Frustration, Unsupported, Creative insecurity (these emotions make us understand that he didn’t know what to choose: life or death)

It was Amrok who made me understand that I have to continue practising The Emotion Code® to help others.


Finally I’m sharing Amrok’s story to invite you to pay close attention to each and every  creature in the world, to treat animals with extreme care and respect. As you can see, they have the same feelings as we do, please do remember that, always!